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Saboteurs are the internal voices that trigger adverse emotions, shaping how you approach daily obstacles. They embody automatic mental patterns dictating your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. These patterns are the root of stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, restlessness, and unhappiness. Saboteurs undermine your performance, well-being, and relationships. Many efforts to embrace positive change fall short because we stop at insight without solidifying habits. Achieving enduring transformation towards a more positive mindset necessitates establishing new neural pathways through consistent daily practice—this is precisely what the PQ®  Program enables you to achieve.

how it works

Daily practice

Devote just 15 minutes per day to guided practice through our app and witness the strengthening of your mental muscles and neural pathways. These bite-sized exercises are tailored to accommodate your hectic schedule and are personalized to address your specific self-sabotaging patterns.

Weekly focus

Each week, immerse yourself in an hour-long video that offers a profound, experiential dive into the focus of that week. The inspiration and energy gained from these sessions will drive you to practice diligently throughout the week, ensuring the enduring benefits witnessed during the video experience.

Collective Encouragement

We assist you in forming a support and accountability network among fellow participants in the program. Research underscores the pivotal role of this network in fostering enduring positive mental habits—a vital ingredient for long-term success.


Experience a continuous surge of motivation as you receive immediate feedback on your progress in growing the essential mental fitness muscles. Remarkably, MRI imaging may unveil noticeable changes in brain rewiring within just eight weeks.


Build your mental fitness through our 6-week training program, rooted in the PQ® methodology. Develop the core mental strengths required to empower your inner Sage (your positive self) and overcome your inner Saboteurs (negative self).

Week 1

Self-Command Muscle
Experience an innovative approach known as PQ Reps, designed to enhance your Self-Command muscle. With each PQ Rep, you enhance mastery over your mind, diminishing negativity, and igniting the positive regions of your brain.

Week 2 - 3

Saboteur Interceptor Muscle
You gain the ability to intercept your primary Saboteurs as they attempt to control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with lies and confining beliefs. This understanding prevents them from deceiving you into believing they are beneficial.

Week 4 - 6

Sage Muscle
You have the opportunity to adopt the Sage Perspective, viewing every problem or challenge as a potential gift and chance for growth. Moreover, you can manifest this gift by employing the 5 Sage Powers: Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate.

When Mental Fitness is Weak

  • Overwhelmed by self-doubt
  • Struggle to bounce back from hardship
  • Susceptible to burnout
  • Difficulty managing stress and anxiety
  • Lack of focus
  • Sidetracked by failures
  • Conflict in relationships
  • Communication breakdowns

your commitment

  • 8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence book (audio or PDF)
  • Watch 1-hour weekly video (on weekend or Monday)
  • 15 minutes per day of app-guided practice
  • Listen/read 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence book (audio or PDF version)
  • Group coaching 45 minutes per week

What makes the PQ® program Different

Focus on Habit Formation

Many training programs yield fleeting improvements. To ensure long-lasting results, our approach centers on establishing enduring neural pathways that cultivate lasting habits. This is why we refer to it as “mental fitness.”

Treat Root Cause, Not Symptoms

In-depth factor analysis research has unveiled the foundational enablers and hindrances for achieving peak performance and overall well-being. We engage in brain rewiring at this fundamental root cause level.

Develop Three Core Muscles

Achieving mental fitness necessitates strengthening three essential core muscles: Saboteur Interceptor, Self-Command, and Sage. Many find traditional meditation insufficient for sustaining mental fitness as it predominantly targets Self-Command.

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